Friday, 22 March 2013

Tiles As Art

There are some areas in the house that are difficult to decorate with art, the bathroom is one, and the kitchen can be tricky too. While it is not impossible to hang art on the walls in these rooms, it isn't always practical. Never fear! Why not use tiles in place of art? Creating an interesting and striking design with tiles is easier than you think - however it my require you to step out of your comfort zone at first, to achieve the desired wow factor!

Of course coloured are perhaps the most obvious choice, however the effect can be anything but standard depending on what tiles you choose. A tile with a amazing shape or pattern can be so effective, so too can solid tiles laid in a unique combination or pattern.

If coloured tiles aren't your thing and you prefer the clean and serene look of white tiles, then why not consider a textured tile? Textured white tiles have such great impact, they give a feel of luxury and quality and it's something a lift unexpected! For something truly unique, you could mix and match a number of different textured and smooth tiles in white, cream and other muted neutral tones. Isn't it beautiful?

Another fabulous option for high impact is metallic tiles! They come in a vast number of finishes, tones and shapes and textures allowing you to create the perfectly unique look for your home. Metallic tiles work equally as well in the kitchen and bathroom and would certainly make doing the laundry feel much more luxurious!

So those areas that are tricky to decorate with wall art can be decorated in a whole new way if you extend the idea of wall art to include your tile choices!

Which look do you like best?

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