Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Macrame Magic of Sarah Parkes + Tutorials

I'm sure you have noticed that Macrame is hot right now! It is in all the interior magazines and also is popping up in fashion! I remember, when growing up, that a visit to my Grandmother's house meant bathing beneath her macrame plant holder which was being watched by her macrame owl. It was something I always associated with Grandma - quaint, but a little old fashioned.

Well, no longer! 

If the work by Australian Designer Sarah Parkes with her label Smalltown is anything to go by, macrame can be chic and very 21st century! Sarah has created macrame pieces both for commercial and residential spaces ranging from plant holders to room dividers and decorative pieces that are not only unique, but truly beautiful!

Macrame is a handicraft that isn't just for the professionals, it's perfect for a little DIY! So, if you fancy some knotted goodness in your own home, why not give one of these fab tutorials a go? I haven't tried my hand at it yet, but I am told that it really isn't as difficult as it looks, but just in case, here are 2 tutorials, 1 easy and 1 a little more complex! Click image for link.

Happy knotting!

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